"When The Smoke Clears" - [Donate To Families Impacted By Park Ave Fires]

by Beat*Shot Music

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    ****UPDATE: 12/22/15 CAMPAIGN CLOSED****
    Dedicated to the families impacted by the Park Avenue fires in Albany on 12.02.15
    Special Thanks to:
    Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration
    Albany Social Justice Center
    St. John's Church Of God In Christ



****UPDATE: 12/22/15 CAMPAIGN CLOSED****

100% of proceeds from this recording will go to the families impacted by the Park Avenue house fires which occurred in Albany, NY on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015. Online payments from this page are being directly collected by the Albany Social Justice Center before being disbursed to SEFCU's "Park Avenue Fire Relief Fund." For additional info contact info@albanysocialjusticecenter.org

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE DIRECTLY TO SEFCU, contributions can be made in person to the "Park Avenue Fire Relief Fund" at any SEFCU branch.

Details on the Park Avenue fires can be found here: www.timesunion.com/local/article/Demolition-ahead-for-home-hit-by-Albany-fire-6672411.php

UPDATE: This page previously noted donations for the Park Avenue fires would be going through St. John's COGIC, as reported by the Times Union, however St. John's has confirmed this was a miscommunication, and they are only collecting donations for Nov. 9th's fire on Pearl St. in Albany. Donate at their website: www.stjohnscogicalbanyny.com

****UPDATE: 12/22/15 CAMPAIGN CLOSED****


****UPDATE: 12/22/15 CAMPAIGN CLOSED****

[Verse 1]
Here today and gone tomorrow it filled me with sorrow//
Filled me with anger and that grief for the moments that followed//
Moth to the flame, lost to the pain//
Thought I had a lot a time to make it right but I'm told that it's borrowed//
I can't imagine just losing it all//
And finding strength to keep it moving refuse to fall—straight up//
I guess these are the moments where we find out what we made of//
And maybe figure out how we could save us... but know this//
It takes time, (what else), it takes patience (and)//
It takes a village that's filled with familiar faces//
And you ain't gotta help but I can't help it when we faced with-//
An opportunity to try to change this... so stand up//
Ball yo fist and put it right over your head//
Then take a leap of faith that put you right over the ledge//
Forget the things that keep us up at night when we in bed//
And try to focus on that feeling we gon' make it out instead but still I see//

I saw 'em in the streets and they said shame on me//
But shame on you to put that blame on me//
We tryyna she'd light so we all can see//
It's only gon be us when the smoke clears//
I saw 'em in the streets and they said shame on me//
But shame on you to put that blame on me//
We tryyna clear the air so we all can breathe//
It's only gon be us when the smoke clears//
When the smoke clears x4

[Verse 2]
They say the—first cut is the deepest one//
But we been cut so long that we forgot where we bleeding from//
And taking shallow breathes sometimes I think that our breathings done//
It's darkest 'fore the dawn so any moment we'll see the sun—I promise//
But I tell you what won't save us, our sisters behaving modest//
Brothers acting respectable, no it's not the ebonics//
And no it's not the fact that you Black and you went to college//
Either way you just a token that ain't polished just acknowledge it...//
And yeah I saw em in the streets and they said "shame on me"//
Same response to selling drugs as when I'm pro-tes-ting//
We used to try to make em happy but it's no such thing//
So now it's nothing left to do but what we damn well please....//
That's how I feel about that....//
Yeah, it's like we under attack but god damn, just know//
You got my back I got your back//
Cuz it's only gon be us when the smoke clears//

[Chorus X2]


****UPDATE: 12/22/15 CAMPAIGN CLOSED****

Written and Recorded by Masai
Produced and Mastered by James Rock



all rights reserved